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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rebuild?

Rebuild is a program that will invest hundreds of millions of dollars to improve parks, recreation centers, and libraries across Philadelphia.

How is Rebuild funded?

Rebuild is made possible by the Philadelphia Beverage Tax. The City will borrow money to help pay for Rebuild, but the City cannot afford to borrow that money without the additional revenue provided by the Beverage Tax.

In 2016, a group including the American Beverage Association filed a lawsuit arguing that the tax isn’t legal. Two lower courts have already ruled that the tax is legal. The case is now scheduled to be heard by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The City will not borrow any of the money for Rebuild until the Beverage Tax has been upheld. Without the Beverage Tax, Rebuild is not possible.

Rebuild is also receiving funding from the City’s Capital Budget ($8 million each year) and funding from grants.

How many sites will Rebuild improve?

There are more than 400 neighborhood parks, recreation centers, and libraries across Philadelphia. While Rebuild will invest hundreds of millions of dollars to improve parks, recreation centers and libraries, it will not be enough to fix every site in the city.

Rebuild will improve as many sites as its budget allows, but it’s impossible to say exactly how many right now.

How are sites selected?

Rebuild is using data to inform how sites are selected. Rebuild is prioritizing sites based on three general factors:

  • Sites in neighborhoods with high need (high rates of poverty, drug crimes, and health risks);
  • Sites in neighborhoods where Rebuild could contribute to community revitalization;
  • Sites with urgent physical needs.

Each year, Rebuild will work with City Council to propose a budget and list of sites. That list and budget must be approved by City Council.

Click here to see which sites have been proposed to City Council and learn more about how sites are being selected.

Is there anything I can do to get my site selected?

There is nothing you need to do to get your site selected for Rebuild. The City understands that residents across the entire City would like Rebuild to come to their neighborhood. To make fair and transparent decisions, Rebuild is using data about neighborhoods and facilities to work with Parks and Recreation, the Free Library, and City Council to propose sites each year.

You can learn more about the data here.

My site is on the list of proposed sites for Rebuild, what does that mean?

If your neighborhood park, recreation center or library is on the initial list, that means it was proposed but may still need to be approved by City Council.

Visit the Rebuild Map to find out the current status of your site.

My site is not on the first list of proposed sites for Rebuild, does that mean it won't be included in Rebuild?

No. Sites that were not proposed for the first year can still be included in Rebuild. Rebuild will work with City Council each year to propose a new group of sites, so there will be more opportunities for sites to become included in Rebuild.

When will work on my site start?

Projects will start at different times. Rebuild will work with other City departments and City Council to develop a schedule of when projects will start.

Rebuild has money from the City’s Capital budget to start a small number of projects in 2018 once City Council has approved the first proposed budget and list of sites. However, most projects will not start until the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has upheld the Beverage Tax.

What will be fixed at my site?

Every Rebuild project will be different. Rebuild projects could range from fixing a leaking roof or HVAC system to completely redoing a facility. Projects could range in cost from $50,000 to more than $13 million.

Who decides what will be fixed at each site?

What happens at a site will also depend on feedback from community members, the physical issues with the facility, input from Parks and Recreation and Free Library staff, and feedback from City Council.

Where can I go to find out more about Rebuild?

You can get more information about Rebuild by exploring the rest of the website or emailing questions to Rebuild@Phila.Gov.

Once City Council has approved the first round of sites, there will be more information about next steps and what to expect.