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Rebuild Goals

Rebuild will seek to accomplish three goals through its investment in Philadelphia communities:

Revitalizing parks, recreation centers, playgrounds, and libraries Empoweringand engaging with communitiesPromoting Economic Opportunity for all Philadelphians


Revitalization: Parks, Recreation Centers, Playgrounds, and Libraries

Rebuild will invest in physical improvements to neighborhood parks, recreation centers, playgrounds and libraries across the city to provide our residents with the high-quality community spaces that every Philadelphian deserves. The improvements will ensure that communities that are most in need of investment are better served by their neighborhood facilities.

Empowerment: Engaging with Communities

It is important that residents are given the opportunity to shape the improvements to their community spaces. Communities receiving Rebuild investment will participate in a tailored engagement process for their facility, creating opportunities to:

  • Allow for community input, with an emphasis on reaching residents whose voices are often not heard
  • Document the priorities of the community and people who use the space
  • Raise expectations for how the space can be improved to serve the neighborhood

Rebuild will also invest in community groups to ensure that the spaces continue to serve the neighborhood over the long term. To accomplish this, Rebuild will work with community groups and organizations to improve their ability to:

  • Care for and maintain community spaces
  • Bring high quality services and programming to community spaces
  • Generate ongoing community improvement and investment 

Economic Opportunity: Promoting Diversity and Creating Jobs 

Even as Philadelphia’s economy grows, too many Philadelphians struggle to access jobs that allow them to provide for themselves and their family. Rebuild will help to provide more opportunity for all Philadelphians and support upward mobility.

Rebuild’s investment is a chance to join historically underserved and under-represented populations, such as low-income residents, veterans, and minority or women owned businesses, with high quality job and contracting opportunities. By working with unions, contractors, lenders, and other partners, Rebuild is investing in a set of supports and services to achieve the following goals:

  • Help Philadelphians get into family-sustaining jobs, specifically in construction and the building trades   
  • Grow minority, women and disabled-owned businesses
  • Increase opportunities for minority, women and disabled-owned contractors and professional services firms