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The Rebuilding Process

Rebuild is a program to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Philadelphia parks, libraries and recreation centers.  Here's how it works.


Site Selection

Rebuild sites will be selected based on the physical condition of sites and how they align with Rebuild's values of promoting equity and encouraging economic growth. Depending on need, investment in each Rebuild site could range from $50,000 to $13 million or more. 

Both site selection and the level of investment will be guided by data analysis and input from City staff and Council members. The first round of sites is anticipated to be announced in mid-2017. Following rounds of sites will be identified on a periodic basis throughout the duration of the initiative. The City expects to partner with non-profit organizations at eligible sites.

Learn more about the data that will inform site selection here.


Community Engagement and Design 

Community input will be vital to the implementation of Rebuild’s park, playground, library, and recreation center improvements. After sites have been selected, communities will be engaged to explore their vision for each space.

For example: Which sports are most popular in the neighborhood; would more kids use the park if it had a basketball court instead of a tennis court? Do families feel safe visiting the playground or library, or do trees need pruning and lights need fixing so that visitors feel more comfortable?  

The answers to questions like these will inform Rebuild's design of sites so that improvements are reflective of community priorities.

Learn more about how you can provide your input here.


Once the designs of the improvements are completed and shared with the community, construction will begin. All construction projects will have defined goals to create economic opportunities for underserved populations and minority and women owned businesses. Rebuild will also be providing a set of supports for both workers and businesses to ensure that workforce diversity and inclusion goals are met.

 Learn more about Rebuild’s economic opportunity goals here.


Stewardship and Programming

Throughout and after the community engagement, design, and construction processes, neighborhood groups will be eligible to receive resources, training, and support to equip them with tools to help maintain and program their neighborhood parks, playgrounds, libraries, and recreation centers after Rebuild investments have been made.

Learn more about Rebuild's community empowerment goals here.