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There will be many opportunities to compete for Rebuild work over the seven years of the program. The first contracting opportunities will become available in mid-2017. If you would like to receive updates on contracting opportunities, please sign up for our mailing list.


Commitment to Diversity

Rebuild is not just about rebuilding parks, recreation centers, and libraries; it’s also about growing our local economy by supporting the growth of our under-represented businesses.

Every contract for Rebuild will have ambitious goals for the participation of minority and women-owned businesses (M/WBEs) which may require firms to find new ways of collaborating together. We believe that these opportunities for new collaborations could result in more fruitful partnerships and the growth and creation of small businesses.  Over time, we expect to see noticeable growth in work performed by M/WBEs.

If you are a firm that is interested in competing for Rebuild work, we encourage you to think about how you can partner in ways that both surpass traditional M/WBE participation goals and also result in an enhanced work product.

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Business Supports

Rebuild is committed to supporting the development of Philadelphia M/WBEs. Specifically, we want to see an increase in the ability of M/WBEs to take on larger contracts and open up opportunities for M/WBE start-ups. Over the course of Rebuild's seven-year lifespan, we hope to provide resources that address common challenges for M/WBE participation; these may include affordable access to capital, coaching, and bonding and insurance support. More information will be available about these supports as they are developed.

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