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Call for Interest

Are you a business, organization, or professional interested in working on Rebuild projects?

Take this opportunity to share your interest in Rebuild with Project Users, the nonprofits expected to manage most projects and hire partners for community engagement, design, and construction.

This is an opportunity to market your services to Project Users and share information about your work.

There are two call for interest forms:

  • Design and Construction -- This form is for architects, designers, contractors, suppliers, professional services firms (e.g., owner's representatives, project managers, accountants, etc.) and other professionals who work in the design and construction industries. 
  • Community Engagement -- This form is for community organizations, cultural organizations, artists, project managers, and others who have expertise in community outreach and engagement. 

After you submit the form, your information will be entered into a directory that will be shared with Project Users. Project Users can use the directory to find potential partners to contract with when working on Rebuild projects. All Rebuild contracting opportunities will be posted publicly on Rebuild's website, as they become available.

Fill out the Design Construction call for interest here!

Fill out the Community Engagement call for interest here!