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Rebuild is a program to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in parks, recreation centers and libraries.  Improvements will be made at as many sites as funding allows over the life of the program.  But unlike other public works projects, most Rebuild projects will be managed by experienced and qualified nonprofits called Project Users. Project Users will apply for grants to work on Rebuild projects.

See the first round of nonprofits qualified as Project Users.

Once a grant application is approved, the Project User will assemble their team to complete the project.  Rebuild projects are likely to need architects, landscape architects, general contractors, plumbers, electricians, partners to carry out community engagement, and more.

As a vendor, you can work on Rebuild by contracting directly with a Project User. Contract opportunities with Project Users will be posted publicly and  are expected to start becoming available in 2018.

The City will also hold a few contracts for Rebuild, mostly for professional services. Contracting opportunities with the City will be posted on eContractPhilly and the Rebuild website.


Commitment to Diversity

Rebuilding parks, recreation centers and libraries is one of Rebuild’s goals. How those projects are completed and who does that work is just as important to Rebuild.

The construction workforce in Philadelphia doesn’t look like the residents of the city. Local, minority, and female representation on construction job sites in Philadelphia should be higher. Through its PHL Pipeline program, Rebuild aims to improve access to family-sustaining jobs in the construction fields for low-income individuals, women and minorities.

As part of its commitment to diversity, Rebuild hopes to serve as a model for inclusion in workforce participation and contracting goals to help grow the local economy.


Support for Local Businesses

Through its Rebuild Ready business supports program, Rebuild will assist local businesses, with a focus on minority-, women-, and disabled-owned owned businesses in addressing common challenges to growing their business. Rebuild, will work with local businesses to determine their challenges, such as financial documentation or accounting, tax compliance, bonding, cash flow, etc., and create individual plans to address them and to build capacity to work on Rebuild projects and other city contracts.


Diversity Goals

Rebuild is committed to meeting ambitious goals for both workforce participation and contracting in every year of the program across all Rebuild projects, including Project User delivered projects, City-managed capital projects and projects delivered by Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority.




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